4 Reasons Not To Become An Immigrant


Every immigrant has varied reasons and/or situations that pushed them to move to a totally new country. Migration has advantages and disadvantages. As an immigrant myself, I believe the latter surpasses the former. What Does Moving Mean To You? Second home comes in varied forms for every individual. It can be a town, a city, […]

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How To Manage Eczema


A Little Background Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin condition, characterized by extra dry skin, with red, rough patches that are super itchy. I want to discuss this “hot” topic because, as we know, it’s been getting colder each day. I can feel the winter getting so close. Thus, eczema is slowly appearing. Disclaimer: Before […]

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Unpredictable Weather

My favorite season of all is Fall. I love the orange surroundings and “sweater weather”. My son just started kindergarten this month and I love walking him to school every morning with a cooler weather. Don’t get me wrong, I love love summer as well but Autumn is just beautiful – it feels so serene. […]

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