How Does Learning Second Language Work?

Language in a Nutshell Language is a complex process by our brain using words to communicate and understand. This process is made inside the brain but with the influence of environmental factors.  While there is no exact count for the number of languages present on planet Earth as of today, there are approximately 7,000 of […]

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How To Manage Eczema


A Little Background Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin condition, characterized by extra dry skin, with red, rough patches that are super itchy. I want to discuss this “hot” topic because, as we know, it’s been getting colder each day. I can feel the winter getting so close. Thus, eczema is slowly appearing. Disclaimer: Before […]

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Munchbox – Kids Lunchbox Review

Munchbox is a bento box made intentionally for kids as school lunch box. Online Shopping is more Convenient In the middle of August, I was panic-buying for my son’s school supplies as he was late registered for school. I do online shopping most of the time due to its convenience and price point. As we […]

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