Sewing And Crafting As A Hobby


Sewing and crafting are two words that always go hand-in-hand in the hobby world.

What Is a Hobby For You?

Spare time is a luxury term. We do not really have a spare time. We do what we do and if that’s out of the normal job, it’s a hobby.

A hobby can be anything you do aside from your regular routine. Some people call sleeping a hobby, which is justifiable in my point of view. In lieu of that, I consider hobby as subjective. You can’t call somebody out for being lazy if that person considers sleeping as a hobby. That is up for him or her to call the shots. It isn’t the norm but everyone is entitled to their own life.

Hobbies can be in any form. Others do crafts while some go out hunting for ghosts. It really does depend on one’s liking.

Crafting And Sewing Is My Hobby

According to, crafting benefits our brain and reduce chances of developing mild cognitive impairment by 30-50% especially to older people.

I, myself, did crafting as far as I can remember. I used to embroider old jeans with colorful threads when I was in grade school. As well as cutting old clothing and make them into a little purse or wallet.

When I became a little older, I was fascinated with sewing machines. I dreamed of making clothes using one. I was in high school when I made tiny clothes from scrap fabrics or an old shirt.

At college, I was always designated to do the documentation. It was about putting pictures together in a book with all the kinds of crafting inside. More like a scrapbook, I would say. I loved doing it and I would do it again.

Growing At Something You Love To Do

I thought getting married would make me forget about my crafty self. What happened next was contradictory to my speculations. I made myself more crafty after having a baby. Long maternity leave in a country where there’s no family around aside from my husband left me persuaded with my hobby.

I had owned a second-hand crap 80’s sewing machine when I was pregnant with my son. I made a thing or two out of it before it totally crashed and was useless. Few months after my son was born, I bought my first ever brand new sewing machine, and it was a Singer brand! A dream come true for me.


I then could not stop sewing. I’ve learned so much about sewing through the internet. I’ve made so many little clothing for my tiny human. The first few ones were “okay” and my sewing ability kept progressing.

From pajamas to little robes and cloth diapers, my sewing machine pieced them together. Until one day I joined a group on facebook for sewers. From newbies to expert tailors, that group was my source of golden nuggets about sewing, fabrics, and other things related.

Self-taught Success Is The Best

I brought myself up to what I call, 80% expert. During this time, I’ve already sewed much clothing including for myself and my husband. It wasn’t later after when I bought a used serger. A serger is more like three or four sewing machines working as one. It makes clothes super fast with finished edges. The shirt you are wearing right now is pieced together by an industrial serger.

The sewing journey was more enjoyable having owned a serger. A regular sewing machine and a serger make a perfect tandem because there are works that a serger could not do and a sewing machine is needed.

From sewing, I became an entrepreneurial mom. I have sold small things in my bidding group for crafters, such as baby booties, bibs and the like. Cloth diapers and mama cloths/cloth pads are part of my selling items, too.

And then I went back to work full time which left me unable to put my hands on my machines. There are days that I look at them and just sigh. I know they missed me. They wanted to offer themselves to work for me but I don’t have time for them. A pretty sad scene for a crafter.

My Singer and Brother – they’ve filled up a black hole in my life.

If you are hobbyist like me, please share your own short story in the comments below.

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