Mental And Behavioral Disorder Misdiagnosis – Just My Two Cents

mental and behavioral
It Is Happening

Mental and behavioral disorder misdiagnosis is real and becoming prevalent these days.

I have been contemplating posting this topic for quite a while now. If you have read some of my posts, you know that I have a five year old son. That his speech is somewhat delayed.

Just a few hours ago, a facebook post very relevant to parents showed up on my feed. It is a very long post, as what helpful posts usually looks like. I’m thankful that I had the interest in reading it as it adds so much to my parenting knowledge.

mental and behavioral

The post was about a mother’s call out for all the parents to be aware on kids’ mental and behavioural misdiagnoses. I will drop the link of the facebook post below for you to read it yourself, but I am sharing my own sort of experience and thoughts on this matter.

You Know Your Child Best

As I mentioned, my son is a little behind in his speaking ability compared to other kids his age. This, I think, was being perceived as “in the spectrum” by other people which I believe to the best of my parenting ability, that is not true and of course, were just being drawn from their naked eyes.

kid boy

Conclusions, conclusions… Unless there is a solid evidence that my son has autism in whatever level, I will not accept people’s judgement that he is autistic due to the fact that there are factors that contributes to his speech delay. In addition, this delay is also manifested in other kids that has similar situation to ours.

People Will Judge

Those assessment papers grading kids’ mental and behavioural state? Yes, we’ve had it a couple weeks ago. I was chuckling sarcastically while filling it up as the questions were ridiculous. It was like kindergartens are expected to behave like a 20 year old.

I’m not mocking the system, I’m just trying to say that it is not about the behavior at all times. Just like the famous facebook post of that mom (thanks to her), there could be an underlying physical problem leading to such behavior. And if you do some research, there are cases of misdiagnosed mental conditions that were in fact due to diseases.

Misdiagnosis = Wrong Intervention

“You can’t treat your common cold with antibiotics.” This is also true to diseases that were misdiagnosed as mental/behavioural disorder. This is an interesting topic for me. Imagine how many people can be saved from being locked behind mental hospital bars if every family member and medical professional were keen in knowing the real cause. Please watch the Netflix movie “Brain On Fire”. It’s about a young working woman being diagnosed as schizophrenic by psychiatrists which turned out to be an autoimmune disease. Her parents fought hard in pushing the doctors to do a more thorough investigation and assessments. She was saved!

Just one of the stories that will make you believe in the existence of misdiagnosis and overdiagnosis. Medical practitioners are just human beings, their brains function the same as ours. It does not hurt to do your own extensive research and seek second and third opinions especially if your gut says that things aren’t right.

Needless to say, we parents and direct care providers, know our kids better than anybody else.

Here is the link to the post:

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