I Quit Drinking Coffee – Here’s What Happened

Back Story

I wasn’t really into coffee during my early adulthood. Have had a cup or two here and there but that was it. I wasn’t addicted to it, not even close.

Fast forward to 2 years or so ago, I started getting used to having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Then, I started working night shifts (12-hour shifts) more than a year ago which boosted up my coffee dependence. I could not go to work without having one at home and then I would have another two cups spread throughout my shift. It felt really good having coffee while working because it kept me awake. My problem was, I would go home at 7am and bam! I could not sleep the whole day. Yes, it was so weird. How can my body deal with all the exhaustion and not shutting down after.

What My Body Felt Being A Coffee Dependent

The worse thing was I get heart palpitations all the time. That was my main concern. I would go to bed and end up staying awake because I could hear my heart pumping. It was like I am very anxious for nothing. But I did not know what caused it.

Lipton Ginger Tea

Blessing In Disguise

Fast forward to a month ago, I had a ticklish throat one morning and I made some ginger tea for it which was amazing because my cough went away after two days. After that, it just went into my mind that I would challenge myself of not having coffee anymore and I will see if there’s any noticeable change in my body. So I did it. I had more ginger tea days and my husband decided to just buy some ginger tea. He also stopped drinking coffee and started having tea every morning. And guess what, we didn’t look back! It felt amazing!

My Health Progressed Without Coffee

And the best part? My heart palpitations went away! I couldn’t believe how a simple decision made a huge positive change into my health. After that, I never had a day that I am tempted to grab our leftover coffee. It’s been sitting there for almost two months now. I think it is about time to throw it away together with its coffee mate.

I hate tea before. That was because I never tried to sweeten it. It tastes a lot better if it’s a little bit sweet. And we use honey as sweetener, not sugar. We did not just cut down the caffeine level in our body but also the sugar.

How about you? Are you a coffee person? Have you tried having tea before? Let me know what’s your experience on the two in the comments below. ☕️ 🍵

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