Unpredictable Weather

My favorite season of all is Fall. I love the orange surroundings and “sweater weather”. My son just started kindergarten this month and I love walking him to school every morning with a cooler weather.

Don’t get me wrong, I love love summer as well but Autumn is just beautiful – it feels so serene.

We live in the part of Canada where the majority of the year is cold. Summers can be cold when Mr. sun is not out. We got used to it, and we accepted it with all our hearts. 🙂

Every year we get surprises with our weather. We can have some lovely warm winter days and “early” spring days. It’s so nice when mother nature showers us with some love. But we also get those ugly days when the temperature gets below negative 30 degrees down to negative 50plus. We also get a handful of blizzards in the winter. What saddens me is when we get an early winter “bonus” from mama nature. Who angered her? I got out of my door this morning feeling confident that my fall scent will welcome me. Nope, it was wintery outside. Definitely not an autumn breeze. It was too cold for my light jacket to handle.


We went ahead anyway. I think I might have to accept the fact that it’s October already and I could not keep winter from approaching. After all, we live in Saskatchewan.

How about you? Which part of our beautiful Earth do you live? I would love to hear your experiences with your place’s weather/climate in the comments below. ❄️ 🌞 🍁 🌸

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