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About website is a Canadian eyeglass and contact lens shop. Established in the year 2000, they have been serving Canadians well for many years. 

Clearly ca

Over the years, they grew the company from selling contact lenses to designing their own exclusive brands of eyeglasses. They have in-house designers which leverage their ability to have full control over their products.

Being a customer for 3 years and have had 4 pairs of glasses from them, I am positive that I can provide an honest and unbiased review based on my overall experience.

Customer History

I first became their customer in 2015 when I was browsing eyeglasses online and stumbled upon their site. Long story short, I found a pair that I love. It was a Guess brand (they used to sell this brand) and in a cat-eye shape. It was cute and according to the “fitting feature”, they look nice on my face. This “fitting feature” I’m talking about is the ability of the customer to upload their own photo and try the glasses on using that picture. They omitted this on their shop already but they do still have the measurements of course and the green “My fit” attribute below each item that suits your own uploaded/entered prescription metrics.
My first pair with

I received my first purchase in a few days. I could not remember exactly but I think it arrived in about 4-5 days after placing my order. Pretty quick compared to most online stores considering that they had to work on the lenses first.

I loved the look and feel of the glasses in person. Not to mention, I received a lot of compliments with it. Fast forward to around its second year of use, I broke it. I needed a new pair right away so I got one locally. Although I chose it myself and fitted it many times before I decided to buy, I did not really love it as much as my previous one. It was too hard to focus at work wearing those glasses. Adjusted it twice and ended up too tight and hurting my temples and nose bridge. 

After two months, I decided that I needed to get a lighter one that will best suit my work nature (I worked in the nursing field with constant walking, bending, etc). I ordered from again using their BOGO sale and gave the other one to my sister, using her own prescriptions of course. Needless to say, the package got to me in a few days as promised and we both love the glasses! 

clearly ca
Second pair
An eyewear gal forever

I have astigmatism and started using eyeglasses when I was in college which makes 11 years of wearing a pair in a daily basis. Wow! I feel old now that I realized I have been using one for that amount of time already.

I got lucky

Last month, the company had a giveaway on their Instagram page honoring World Sight Day. I knew I needed to enter that giveaway and cross my fingers to get considered. I have never won any giveaway before, so I was just trying my luck again for the nth time. Trying again, because why not?

Well, to my awe, I was one of the winners. Yay! I get to have a new pair of eyeglasses which I most needed at this time and also a pair of prescription sunglasses that I have been wanting to get due to my eyes’ sensitivity to light outdoors.
Equalized Customer Service

That same day, I ordered my winnings. I couldn’t wait to wear them! Few days passed, it was weird that I did not receive a shipping notification. I checked my account and it said it’s still processing. Finally, they emailed me a day after apologizing about the unforeseen delay and gave me a credit on my account. Pretty impressive considering that my items were free. They still took their time to message me about the issue and even gave me an extra $15 to use on my future purchase. That right there is good customer service! To be honest, only a few companies do it these days. 

In the middle of the postal workers’ strike, I still got my glasses 2 business days after shipping them. They always use express/priority delivery to ship orders (again, pretty impressive). I tried them on right away and OMG, I loved them even more than my previous ones. 


I so love this company when it comes to my eyewear needs. They don’t just deliver the best customer service but they also provide high-quality products. They stand on their promise and make sure that their customer has a pleasant experience in their hands. also runs constant generous promotions such as Buy One, Get One, huge discounts and free shipping. I opted in their email so I receive news right away as they announce them.

Overall, my experience with having 3 orders with this company is very positive. From the user experience in their website to the quality of the products, it was awesome!

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  1. I also had a great experience. I got perscription oakly sunglasses for just over $200 including taxes and shipping. They are great and in my budget!

    1. I know, right? Eyewear can be expensive and I’m glad there is a company out there that offers cost-effective and high-quality glasses.

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