7 Useful Mobile Apps For Parents

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps can be very helpful for parents like me in managing daily living.

Convenience Through Mobile Apps? Why not?

As a busy mom, I always look for a little convenience in everything that I do. May it be putting a foil in my counter every time I prepare something to cook for an easy clean-up or downloading cellphone apps that I think would aid in managing daily events.

There have been tons of mobile apps being created in the last decade. A version of a thing pops up in the app store frequently, but I’m not complaining. I love these apps and I like the idea that developers are going crazy in making these mobile apps and updating them frequently because most of them are helpful.

I consider myself a tech woman. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t possess any degree/credentials in coding, etc. I simply love exploring the world of tech and learning as I go. That made me a mobile app lover as well.

Back to being busy in everyday life, I use a heap load of mobile apps to help me juggle my offline and online living. My husband used to say, “How come you have that many apps?” I simply did not answer to that question because I’m guilty of hoarding these mobile apps.

Although I have “many” apps on my phone, I am just sharing a few today. In no particular order:


Later Mobile Apps

This app is a simple reminder app but in my opinion is amazing! It is very useful. There are only two steps in adding a quick reminder. First, you type in a chore and click the predefined timing or set your own specific date and time, and off you go! It’s a no-hassle app.


Mint Mobile Apps

Mint is an online budgeting mobile app. It’s a powerful finance app. You just need to sign up and connect your bank accounts inside the application. Your banking products and services are automatically synced once you have successfully connected your accounts.

This app tracks all of your incoming and outgoing finances. If you are looking into budgeting, this is a go-to app. You can even set a budget in certain categories of purchases/expenses and it shows you to where you are on your budget vs spending.

It also sends push notifications for important updates and reminders pertaining to your accounts, such as upcoming bills, big purchases, and account summary.

Google Keep

Google Keep Mobile Apps

This mobile app saves the most important data/reminder in your life. It is powered by Google which is amazing because you simply log in through your existing Google account. You can save almost anything on this app. The greatest advantage is that you can access those data wherever you are by just logging in to your Google account.

I have been using this app for more or less 4 years now and my saved files are still there. Easy to access and reliable. I save anything that I think I would need in the future, in there.


Koho Mobile Apps

This is another finance app. It is more like a bank account but with more flexible features. It’s easy to open an account and you don’t need to deposit anything after signing up. The features are fantastic! In my opinion, it is perfect for both “spenders” and “savers”.

The main thing that I like about this mobile app is the saving functionality. You can set a recurring amount to go into your “goal”. For example, you are planning to buy a new vehicle and you think you need $5,000 for that, you simply set your goal amount of $5,000 and the date of when you would like it accomplished and the frequency. It will then calculate how much it allocates to save each week/bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the frequency you set.

It’s nice because you can see and keep up with how much you’re already saving apart from your spendable. The customer service is awesome as well. They reply super fast than traditional banks. And you will get a chip and tap card just like any other bank.

Its two other features are called PowerUps and RoundUps. PowerUps is a cash-back benefit. You will get 0.5% on your purchases, and RoundUps rounds up every purchase you make to $1. They both go into your savings and claimable anytime you like.


iScanner Mobile Apps

From bills to insurance policies, we parents sometimes caught up in a situation where a company asks us a copy of a document. This app is my savior when it comes to scanning papers to be sent out through email or for the mere purpose of saving it for future reference. It’s very easy to use and provides a nice digital copy of a document. You can hardly tell the difference apart from a real scanner.

Abc Notes

Abc Notes Mobile Apps

This is a sticky note for phones. It’s nothing special other than it has several options for the type of sticker paper, fonts, and colors. But hey, it is very easy to use especially for listing groceries which I mainly use it for. The editing surface is equipped with bullets and other icons which are helpful in making lists just like groceries and to-dos.


Splice Mobile Apps

Cellphone photographer moms make a noise! This mobile app is for you! It’s a video editor loaded with royalty background music including the popular ones that you hear on YouTube, and other effects. It has the features of other paid apps but Splice is absolutely free. Go make some beautiful slideshows of your toddler now!

These are just a few of the top mobile apps that I use not including social media. We all know that Facebook and Instagram are on the priority list. 😂

I will update another list with some useful apps in the future. If you have a mobile application that you find very useful, please share it with me and other readers in the comments below.

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