Munchbox – Kids Lunchbox Review

Munchbox is a bento box made intentionally for kids as school lunch box.

Online Shopping is more Convenient

In the middle of August, I was panic-buying for my son’s school supplies as he was late registered for school. I do online shopping most of the time due to its convenience and price point. As we all parents know, finding these small items at a local store can be very daunting. The reason why I just hop into my computer all the time and search for the specific item rather than making circles at Walmart looking for a specific kind of pencil.

Bento Box for Picky Eaters

One of my main interest was getting a bento box for school lunches. Although my son eats good, he can be very picky as well. So, I decided on getting a lunch box that would accommodate a variety of food. I then searched on Amazon (my go-to online store) and Walmart, soliciting ideas on which is a good brand. Yes, I look for reviews first when I buy something for the first time.


I did my Research

There were a few brands that have fair feedbacks including Yumbox which is quite popular and pricey. After 3 days of deliberation, I finally decided on getting the Munchbox brand.

The Review

These are my thoughts on the product after a month of using it:

  • Sleek-looking – This lunchbox sure looks neat.
  • Durable – Still intact and free from cracks.
  • Good size – Keeps a nice amount of food for kids and even adults.
  • Very easy to wash as you only have to take the part that holds the food off from its shell.
  • It is dishwasher-safe (top rack only) which is a bonus.
  • Not that expensive compared to Yumbox ($29.99 CAD vs $41.99 CAD)
  • It’s very easy for the kids to open and close. My kindergartener figured it out right away.
  • Comes with its own little bag which is great because I didn’t have to buy an extra bag for it. Another saving of $10 or more.

Bento Box

Rave for Munchbox!

As you can tell, I’m raving for this product. Hands down to the brand for coming up with a less expensive bento box for parents that opted for this kind of lunchbox for their kids.

Do you own this same specific brand of bento box? What’s your experience with it? Share it in the comments below.

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