How Was My Merch By Amazon Application Approved In 5 Days

What is Merch By Amazon?

Merch by Amazon is a Print-on-demand platform by the well-known Amazon company which was established in 2015. The service allows graphic designers to upload their own designs and Amazon takes care of the printing and shipping process. It is free to sign up and get an application started but there is a varied time frame to wait for approval/rejection.

A Little History

I came across an article which mentioned Merch by Amazon early this year but I did not really pay attention to it as I was focused on my research subject on that particular time. Until somewhere around the middle of this month, I stumbled upon a video about it and thought that I would give it a try.

Merch By Amazon

I Took An action

I filled out an application on the 20th of September, 2018. The process was so simple and smooth. There wasn’t anything that draws me back from fulfilling the application. It was easy and concise. The one thing that I think was very important about the said application was the “National Identification Number”. I live in Canada and we call this SIN. It might be different in your own country but the idea is similar. Although, you have to be cautious in giving those digits to anybody. I know for a fact that Amazon is a legit and trusting company so I went ahead.

Amazon and Me

Being an “Amazon person” since 2012, I have an account on both the US and Canada stores and I often shop there as well. I am even subscribed to prime membership since 2014. It was around that time as well when I signed up as an Amazon seller. However, I did not really sell anything. I am also an Amazon associate member (affiliate) since 2011.

After Submitting an Application

After submitting an application, you are taken to your limited dashboard right away. From there, I was able to fill out some banking/payment information. Inside the account, there are not many links to go to. The interface is very simple.

I heard that the review process for Merch by Amazon applications usually takes months. Everyone had different waiting times but have at least a month to wait on average.

Merch By Amazon

I Got Approved After 5 Days

It was quarter past 10 pm Regina time when I received an email from Amazon congratulating me from being accepted as one of their Merch by Amazon designers. I was so excited and amazed by how soon I was approved! It took only 5 days for them to review my application.

My belief was that the tie I have with Amazon as a merchant and customer for a long time has helped with the speedy approval. They were also able to verify my identity through the SIN that I provided. Companies verify a person’s legitimacy as well!


To sum it up, below is a list of the things that I believe helped with the fast approval of my Merch by Amazon application:

  • Having an Amazon seller account for years (have not sold anything)
  • Both an Amazon Canada and US customer for years
  • Being an Amazon affiliate for years
  • Provided my banking details right after I submitted my application
  • Provided my SIN (National Identification Number) in the application which if I remember exactly, was optional)

I hope this article helped you in any way. Whether you are still contemplating on starting an application or you are already in the “waiting game”.

Are you are already a Merch by Amazon designer? How did your application go? I would like to hear different insights on their review process. Jot them down in the comments below.

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