Experience Review

Disclaimer: This post is not in any way affiliated/sponsored. About website is a Canadian eyeglass and contact lens shop. Established in the year 2000, they have been serving Canadians well for many years.  Over the years, they grew the company from selling contact lenses to designing their own exclusive brands of eyeglasses. They have […]

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4 Reasons Not To Become An Immigrant


Every immigrant has varied reasons and/or situations that pushed them to move to a totally new country. Migration has advantages and disadvantages. As an immigrant myself, I believe the latter surpasses the former. What Does Moving Mean To You? Second home comes in varied forms for every individual. It can be a town, a city, […]

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How Does Learning Second Language Work?

Language in a Nutshell Language is a complex process by our brain using words to communicate and understand. This process is made inside the brain but with the influence of environmental factors.  While there is no exact count for the number of languages present on planet Earth as of today, there are approximately 7,000 of […]

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Sewing And Crafting As A Hobby


Sewing and crafting are two words that always go hand-in-hand in the hobby world. What Is a Hobby For You? Spare time is a luxury term. We do not really have a spare time. We do what we do and if that’s out of the normal job, it’s a hobby. A hobby can be anything […]

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7 Useful Mobile Apps For Parents

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps can be very helpful for parents like me in managing daily living. Convenience Through Mobile Apps? Why not? As a busy mom, I always look for a little convenience in everything that I do. May it be putting a foil in my counter every time I prepare something to cook for an easy […]

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How To Manage Eczema


A Little Background Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin condition, characterized by extra dry skin, with red, rough patches that are super itchy. I want to discuss this “hot” topic because, as we know, it’s been getting colder each day. I can feel the winter getting so close. Thus, eczema is slowly appearing. Disclaimer: Before […]

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Munchbox – Kids Lunchbox Review

Munchbox is a bento box made intentionally for kids as school lunch box. Online Shopping is more Convenient In the middle of August, I was panic-buying for my son’s school supplies as he was late registered for school. I do online shopping most of the time due to its convenience and price point. As we […]

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